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Killer in Paradise

Patrick Bowman is a nationally famous homicide detective with one foot in the world of Chicago street crime and another in the glamorous Key West swirl of literary cocktail parties and dangerous upper class liaisons. He's married to a knock-down beautiful fashion model and socialite who loves the Keys -- and now he's come south to recuperate from a nasty gunshot wound.

But amidst the decadent wealth and moonlit beaches, Bowman will have no rest. Someone is murdering runaway girls in Key West, and the police deparment is crumbling from the top. Bowman finds a famous writer with a taste for kinky action, an underworld of teen-age hustlers, a society killing that's too close to home, and the tranvestite son of the police chief. The grisly deaths are piling up, and suddenly Bowman's got too many people trying to get in his way, and a wife he can no longer trust...